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Year 6 Transition

Welcome to the St James’s family, we are really excited to meet our new students.

St James’s is a wonderful school where young people are nurtured and supported to reach their full potential.  Due to the current situation, transition plans for this year’s Y6 students will be a little different. We will be ensuring all young people and their families are well informed, reassured and most importantly excited about the move to high school. 

We have set up this dedicated transition area on our website, that will be updated over the next few week's. Please check back regularly for the latest information and messages. 

Each week we will set challenges to help our new students prepare for their move to high school and get to know more about St James's as a school.

We have additional key information about School life in the Prospective Pupil and Prospective Parent area's on the website under Admissions.


Why we love St James's

Introduction to St James's

Teams live Information Evening

 Head of Year Introduction

My name is Miss Newbury and I am the Head of Year 7. I have just finished saying goodbye to my last year group who have left after 5 years of me being their head of year. I am excited to meet all of you and cannot wait to start the new school year.

I imagine that you are feeling lots of different emotions right now. You may be excited at the thought of coming to high school but you might also be a little bit nervous and worried about the new start. Hopefully over the next few weeks and months, I might be able to ease some of your worries and turn them into excitement.

St James’s is a lovely place to attend school. Our motto is caring for others and achieving excellence and there is a reason for that. We take pride in our caring approach and ensure that we are supporting all students. Students who attend St James’s buy into our motto as well. You might be scared of the older years at the moment, but once you meet them, you will realise that they are also there to help and guide you through your first year.

It has been a tricky year, in and out of school, but St James’s will be your home and your family for the next 5 years. We have lots going on for you to get involved with from drama clubs, sports clubs, choir, film club, our chaplaincy work, orchestra, art clubs and many, many more. It is important to live life in all its fullness and St James’s gives you that opportunity.

You will receive messages from your form tutors in the next few weeks and you will get to meet them on your transition day. They are also there to help you become independent and resilient young people who will flourish into adulthood.

Good luck with the rest of your time at primary school. Continue to work hard and be successful. I cannot wait to meet you shortly for the start of our 5-year journey together.

Miss Newbury
Head of Year 7

Transition Booklet

Transition Booklet
Week 1 Activity - Read All about Me!
Week 1 Activity - Read All about Me 2!
Week 2 Activity - Stress Container & Website Information
Week 3 Activity - St James's Badge
Week 4 Activity - Journey Sticks
Week 5 Activity - Letter to FT

Careers activities
Imagine myself in 20 years
Skills Poster Competition

Letters and Documents

Initial Letter to Parents - Mrs Anderson
Transition Information Letter - Mr Bowden
Head of Year Introduction - Miss Newbury
Locker Letter 2021
Music Lessons
Home School Agreement
Transition Booklet Letter - Miss Newbury
Enhanced Transition Letter - Mrs Dickinson
Update Transition Letter - Example (Form Tutor specific sent to individuals) 
Letter from Form Tutor - Form Tutor specific sent to individuals 
Careers Education Information - Mrs Bleasdale
Final Letter/First Day Arrangements - Mr Bowden

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