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The Bishop Fraser Trust Policies

The following policies can be found by clicking the Bishop Fraser Trust logo link below:

  • Allegations Policy 
  • Anti Bullying Employees Policy 
  • Domestic Abuse and Violence Policy 
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy 
  • ECT Policy 
  • Equality and Diversity Policy 
  • Fraud and Irregularity Policy 
  • GDPR Policy 
  • Gifts and Hospitality Policy  
  • Grievance Policy 
  • HIV Policy 
  • Leave of Absence Policy 
  • LGPS Employer Discretions Policy 
  • Managing Teachers Capability Policy 
  • Managing Support Staff Capability Policy 
  • Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave Policy 
  • Pay Policy 
  • Recruitment and Selection Policy 
  • Recruitment Privacy Notice 
  • Redundancy Procedure Policy 
  • Reference Policy 
  • Sickness Absence Policy  
  • Social Media Policy 
  • Stress Management Policy -
  • Violence to Employees Policy 
  • Whistleblowing Policy 
  • Workforce Privacy Notice 


St James's CE High School Policies

  • TTLP