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The St James's Appeal Association


The Appeals Committee, are a group of parents who work within charity status to raise funds for St James’s School. The charity is run by the parents and supports the school in improving the educational opportunities for the children of St James’s.

We have raised funds to support some very exciting projects. The monies raised are used within a time limit so that if you were to support us, your child would see the benefit of such donations.

These projects have been achieved by careful stewardship of funds raised by the Appeals Association whose motto is ‘Building our Children’s Future’. They are a lasting legacy as the school increases the opportunities for those pupils who are already in the school and those who have yet to come to St James’s.

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Treasurer: Kevin Murphy Email: murphykevin6@virginmedia.com

Chairperson: Bernadette Reynolds Email: Bernadette.reynolds@boltoncc.ac.uk