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School Prefects

In order to assist with the smooth running of the school, we use the skills of our senior pupils.

What is a prefect?

Prefects are senior pupils who ensure the school runs efficiently, mainly during break and lunchtimes. They oversee each area of the school- taking a lead with clubs and events that may be being run in these areas. Also they will supervise the corridors and doors.


What is a Captain?

Captains are the Prefect Team Leaders, they help to organise and manage the other prefects.


Who are the Prefect teams?

The Prefect Teams are named after our sports houses -Wilkinson, Redgrave, Holmes and Radcliffe.


What can I expect from a prefect?

Prefects will run clubs and help staff at break and lunchtimes. They will advise you of the correct ‘flow of traffic’ around school. They might ask you to use a certain exit or advise you that you must go another way. They will also supervise outside and keep an eye on what is going on. Prefects will be friendly and approachable – don’t be afraid to ask them for help if you need it. When speaking to prefects you should be polite, respectful and listen to what they say, you should expect the same in return. Prefects should set the standard in terms of uniform – it should be immaculate at all times. Prefects can also help make positive changes in the school. If you have any good suggestions please tell them to a prefect or your School Council Representative.


Are the same people always on duty? How will I know who is a prefect?

Prefect teams work on each day and after a while you should begin to recognise them. They will easily be identifiable by their special tie.


How do I become a prefect?

You can apply to be a prefect in February when you are in Y10. In preparation for this role you should ensure you give 100% in everything you do. Prefects do not have to be the most academic pupils; the most important quality is commitment – to yourself and the community of St James’s.


Why become a prefect?

Prefects have a position of responsibility within school; this can be useful to put on your C.V when you are preparing to leave St James’s. By becoming a prefect you will develop a variety of skills that will help you in the future. It is also a rewarding way to give something back to the community of St James’s.