St James's Church of England High School

St James Church of England High School

Bishop Fraser Trust

'A National Teaching School'

September 2013

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Prospective Pupils

What Happens Now?

The following is a brief outline about what happens after you apply for a place at St James's.

  • Bolton Borough Council review all applications and offer places.
  • 1st March 2019 - Bolton Borough Council notify parents of school places and also notify's St James's about their new pupil allocation.
  • Welcome letter from St. James's sent to all parents/carers of pupils allocated a place in March 2019
  • St James's contact all Primary Schools and request pupil data.
  • Primary Visit - All pupils will be visited by a member of staff. This is usually a member of the Pastoral Team. The aim of the visit is to provide new pupils with an opportunity to ask questions about the move to High School. This also allows us to gain additional information from the Year 6 Teacher, which may assist us in putting in place some early support where required.
  • Information Pack - this will be sent out April/May. This contains all the information you will need regarding your child's move to High School.
  • Parent/Carer, Pupil Interview - you will receive an invitation to visit St James's where you and your child can discuss your child's move to High School. At this meeting, you will be able to offer any relevant information that will help us make the move to High School as smooth as possible. Interview week will be 17th - 21st June 2019
  • Taster Day - Your child will visit St James's on Friday 5th July 2019 to help familiarise them with the school, pupils and staff. A special timetable has been created to allow the new Year 7's to experience a variety of subjects. Dinners will be provided free of charge for this day only. Pupils are asked to attend in their Primary School Uniform.
  • Events Evening - Monday 8th July 2019, St James's hosts an evening of games and challenges. This provides an excellent opportunity for pupils to cement their new relationships. We strongly advise all pupils to attend, as this helps to establish relationships, making their first day in September much easier.

Early Intervention

At St James's, we appreciate that the move to High School can be an anxious time for some parents/carers and pupils. To avoid this, St James's offers a number of interventions, which puts the child's individual needs first. In caring for you, we believe we will achieve excellence. This will lay the foundation for your journey with us over the next five years.

Intervention Strategies

  • Extra visits with a small group of pupils to help become more familiar with the school layout and staff.
  • Extended taster sessions, again in small groups to build confidence.
  • Summer School - During the main school holidays, SELECTED pupils are invited to attend St James's and take part in team building exercises.
  • Extra parent/carer, pupil visit with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator or a member of the Pastoral Team to help create a personalised pupil plan.