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Drama at St James's

Drama creates the whole individual who can think differently, with creativity, confidence and communication.  Not only in the classroom or on stage but also in the work place: Drama develops transferable skills such as determination, adaptability and resilience.  Students of Drama work hard to achieve the highest level of their craft and are an asset in any workplace environment. Most importantly, Drama develops the skill of empathy which is a prerequisite of being a great leader with compassion and care for others. Drama at St James’s will arm our students with the ability to think outside of the box, across many subjects.  We encourage our students to become resilient learners; arranging extra rehearsals, leading and directing others with confidence through group work and presenting in a variety of performance settings. At the heart of Drama is creativity; producing high quality work which they are proud of and can celebrate through shared experiences such as religious services, showcases, productions and exam performance evenings. By learning subject specific skills in a range of theatrical styles and devising conventions, we create a life-long love and understanding of the ever changing Performing Arts in our contemporary society.


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Drama Learning Journey

Assessment Grids

KS3 Drama Assessment Grid

BTECH Performing Arts Mark Schemes (Key Stage 4 Drama)

Key Stage 4 Drama - Component 1 (Performers)
Key Stage 4 Drama - Component 1 (Designers)
Key Stage 4 Drama - Component 2 (Performers and Designers)
Key Stage 4 Drama - Component 3

BTECH Assessment Adaptation Guidance 2021/2022

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