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Learning Support

The aim of the Learning Support Department is to “provide each of our pupils with the opportunity to fulfil their full potential in a caring and supportive environment, where high quality teaching and learning can take place ensuring success for all.” 

SEN Policy Summary of Aims

  • To ensure full entitlement and access for SEN pupils to high quality education within a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, including access to the National Curriculum and public examinations, so that they can reach their full potential.
  • To educate pupils with Special Educational Needs, in whatever way possible, alongside their peers within the normal curriculum of the school, and to provide pastoral and learning opportunities beyond those offered to mainstream pupils, and meeting the individual needs of the SEN pupils.
  • To enhance self-esteem and to foster a joy in learning.
  • To support pupils in choosing and implementing a suitable, rewarding career, or further education opportunities when they leave the school.
  • To promote SEN as a whole school community issue by disseminating information and working in close partnership with senior management, pastoral, subject and welfare staff, by close contact with the school’s governing body, and by establishing strong working relationships with parents.
  • To ensure that SEN pupils feel secure and valued in knowing that their achievements are celebrated.
  • In order to achieve these aims the Department adopts a philosophy of full integration of SEN pupils into mainstream classes.  However, where necessary, provision over and above that in place for mainstream pupils is available including Peer Reading, Literacy and Numeracy Intervention, In-Class Support (subject to funding) and Behaviour Management courses.

The overall aim of the Learning Support Department is to ensure that pupils with a specific need can access the mainstream curriculum.

To do this a number of specifically tailored interventions may be offered:

  • In-Class Support
  • Small group withdrawal in Literacy or Numeracy
  • Peer Reading Scheme
  • Use of ICT resources
  • Monday and Wednesday afternoon Study Support Club 

Behavior and Emotional Support

Our primary purpose is to support pupils with Behavioral, Emotional and Social Difficulties (BESD), thus enabling them to better access the curriculum and form positive relationships in school, both with staff and other pupils.  This may involve:

  • In-Class Support
  • Group Intervention
  • Individual Work and Counseling

The Learning Support Team

The Learning Support Department is led by Mrs M Dickinson - SENCO and Mrs L Wren - Assistant SENCO.

Please see the staff list under Information for the full list of Learning Support Assistants

A Safe Haven

The Learning Support Centre is available to pupils in order to help promote social skills and encourage appropriate peer and adult interactions.  Pupils can also complete homework and talk to staff about any difficulties they may be experiencing.  Whilst priority is given to pupils on the SEN register, we encourage other pupils to use the resource if they wish to as they provide positive role models for social interactions. 

If you have any questions about our provision, please do not hesitate to speak to us. 

Bolton Local Offer

What to do if there is a Problem

If you continue to be concerned with your child’s progress then it is usually best to contact the SENCO directly who will be more than happy to help resolve the issues raised. This will involve further information being collected, outside advice being sought and further discussion with agencies if necessary.

Tel: 01204 333000

E-mail: dickinsonm@st-james.bolton.sch.uk

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