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GCSE Business AND Communication SYSTEMS

This GCSE Course is intended to provide interested pupils with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding needed when working in an office. It is especially appropriate for those pupils who are considering a career in administration.


This course will introduce pupils to various aspects of the world of business and encourage them to consider the impact of the business environment, workplace organisation, human resource management and effective communication on the running of a business.

Pupils will study 2 units:

  1. ICT Systems in business:


Human Resources



2.Using ICT in Business

Word Processing

Spread Sheets




Web Authorising



Classroom assessment will be based on a series of theory and practical tasks and will be on going throughout the course. Final Assessment is based on a three part examination structure.

This qualification is composed of:

ICT System in Business

Written Paper                   1 hour                   40%

Using ICT in Business     

Practical Paper                  1.5 hours             35%

Investigating ICT in Business

Controlled Assessment                                 25%



This course is designed to provide the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills for anyone considering a career in an office environment. The ICT practical tasks will be specifically designed around everyday applications of Word Processing, File Management, Spread Sheets, Charts, Databases, Graphics, Clip-Art and Composition. This course provides a sound basis for progression to advanced study in Business and ICT related courses.