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If you say sorry but don’t really mean it, does it still count?

Can people change?

Is love an invention created by humans?

Where is God when people are suffering?

These are the types of questions raised in Religious Education, and sometimes there are no clear answers! Being able to think and write about issues from more than one point of view, particularly sensitive issues, is one of the most vital R.E skills a person can develop.

We recognise that religion and life are two sides of the same coin. Religious Education at St James’s aims to challenge the intellect and promote awareness, understanding and respect for life. It also raises awareness of ‘the inner self’ and allows pupils to ask their own questions.

Pupils at KS3 will also study something of world religions and the impact of faith in people’s lives. They will focus on personal spirituality, creativity and literacy skills. One of the highlights of Year 7 is the visit to Manchester Cathedral which focuses on aspects of self-awareness using silence, reflection, art, history and poetry.

In Year 9, all pupils begin the GCSE course, following the AQA Specification A syllabus. We focus on Christian Ethics …….. [“Can a person claim to love God but refuse to help someone in need?”] and a study of the person of Jesus Mark’s Gospel, [“Is Easter more important than Christmas for Christians?”] with a view to sitting the final exam at the end of Year 10.