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We strive to keep the quality and quantity of the Sports we offer at the highest of standards.

Fundamental to our cause is that Physical Education (PE) is an integral part of our pupil’s general education and contributes to the overall development of the individual and is a unique contribution to the school’s curriculum and the pupils enjoy and gain a lot from the challenges the subject presents, be it individual or working as a team.

We work to cultivate our pupil’s natural enthusiasm and enjoyment for PE through effective and thorough lesson planning and lesson structuring, ensuring we give a thoroughly professional approach to all we do. Our pupils must also be prepared to give the subject 100% to gain the most enjoyment from it.

Our long term goal must be that all children will understand the importance of physical education and healthy living, and that they should leave school with a committed interest in some physical activity, or at the very least, have an appreciation of what is involved in skilful performance so that they may become knowledgeable spectators.

In order to achieve this goal we must always be aware of the needs of the individual child and the importance of inclusion. Not everybody enjoys competition or contact sports, so we tailor our programmes of study accordingly by offering a large variety of activities and styles of approach to enable all of our pupils to realise their own potential. We must however, be careful not to sacrifice the depth and quality of our teaching by offering too much width and variety.

As an extension to our curriculum it is important that a full range of extra-curricular activities are offered which are open to all pupils regardless of their ability or gender. These clubs should be used to develop our aims further by creating positive attitudes, pride, loyalty, co-operation and discipline. Our school teams should be well prepared but we must endeavour not to adopt an elitist ‘win at all costs’ attitude.

The balance and breadth of our curriculum is regularly reviewed and refined in order to cater for; the aims and values of the school; changing attitudes; government policy; facilities; staffing and most importantly the specific needs of our children.

We must continually look to strengthen our cross-curricular links and learning across the National Curriculum i.e. spiritual, moral and cultural development, promoting key skills. We will endeavour to make our children aware of how these skills can benefit them in their future careers.

Staff should always be aware of the influence they have over the children and should endeavour to set high standards with regards to their punctuality, appearance, respect for colleagues and pupils alike and their general commitment to PE and the school.

St James’s Church of England High School expects all pupils and staff to reflect the Christian Ethos and principles. As staff we will treat the pupils as individuals, assess their personal needs and demonstrate a thoughtful and caring approach in all we do.

Aims of the Physical Education Department 

  • To make the subject enjoyable.
  • To develop within the pupils, a knowledge of health and fitness, and an understanding of laws, tactics, and organisation of a variety of sporting activities and in doing so improve performance.
  • To encourage high standards of dress and behaviour.
  • To respect other peoples beliefs, traditions, strengths and limitations and in doing so allow equal opportunities for all within a caring Christian environment.
  • To encourage as many pupils as possible to take part in extra-curricular activities, making them aware of the sporting activities on offer within the community and the important role that they have to play within that community.
  • To develop within the children self-discipline and self-confidence through structured and progressive teaching methods.
  • To develop correct attitudes towards fair play, honest competition, victory, defeat, success and failure.
  • To offer successful GCSE PE, BTEC PE, Dance  and Sports courses.