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Pastoral Care

“Family” has always been central to life at St James’s Church of England High School from the very onset in 1962, the value of a supportive Christian family have been fundamental to the way pupils and staff relate to each other.

“Care, guidance and support are outstanding. Students and parents and carers consistently refer to the ‘caring family nature’ of the school.”                                                                   Ofsted 2011

Pupils remain in one of eight tutor groups with the same Form Tutor for the whole of the five years that they are with us. Each year group is ably led by a Year Leader who also stays with that group for the full five years. In this way parents/carers, pupils and school quickly develop good relationships and establish strong lines of communication – a key factor in helping to ensure a happy and successful time for our pupils.

The well-being and safety of our pupils is of considerable importance to us at St James’s; consequently we strive to provide a happy, safe and enjoyable learning environment for them. We have a dedicated team who aim to support youngsters and their parents/carers through their school life in matters of attendance, health issues, social and experience that life does not always run smoothly and from time to time we need the help and support of others. This support is readily available in all we do.


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